Cable Management experts gather to define the ETIM classification for the UK

Today, Wednesday 7 February 2018, the experts gathered for the follow-up Standardisation Working Group for Cable Management.

David Bate, ETIM-UK Project Manager reported on the progress saying

“Today we covered 3 ETIM groups  – installation pipes/cable protection tubes, protective hose systems and cable carrying systems. Within these groups there are 99 classes which we need to work our way through. During our first and second Working Groups we’ve completed 83, leaving just 16 more to crack.

“As a reminder, a class identifies a product range or family. For example, in this group a class could be mesh cable tray or bend for cable ladder, or a tee for cable tray. Then beneath the classes are all the attributes or technical features of that product.

“It’s hard work”, concluded David, who is leading 26  ETIM Standardisation Working Groups, “but there’s a real sense of achievement across the group.”

Legrand’s expertise

“ETIM-UK is definitely a reality for us” explains Donna Fellows (pictured below 4th from right), Marketing Manager at Legrand’s Cable Management Business Unit, “with a lot of work already done at Legrand’s group Head Office in France. Here in the UK the marketing team are leading the ETIM process.

“The translations we’ve been working on here at the EDA as part of the Working Groups are crucial. It’s so important to get the terminology correct for the UK market. It’s a significant project for all the experts around the table, but it’s actually an interesting process.”

Around the table, left to right:

Jeremy Dodge, Marshall-Tufflex; Katie Barnes, Marshall-Tufflex; David Mattin, Dietzel Univolt; David Bate, ETIM-UK Project Manager; Donna Fellows, Legrand; Ian Wright, Dietzel Univolt; Andrew Pegrum, Deta and Harpreet Singh, Deta.