Classification Management Tool & BMECat

Classification Management Tool (CMT)

The CMT a custom-built online software tool which gives you access to the international multilingual ETIM master database.

You may find this CMT tutorial, which you will find on the right, a useful start:

You can use the CMT to:

  • Look up essential information about the ETIM Model.
  • Check the progress of Request For Change (RFC) or additions.
  • Take part in online discussions regarding RFC or additions (log on needed).
  • Set favourites, or Personal Interest Filters (PIFs), so you can receive weekly status updates on the products you are interested in (log on needed).

How to access the CMT

You do not need a log on or password to access the main ETIM International site to check essential ETIM information, including Groups, Classes and Values.

A log on and password is only required if you wish to monitor, or take part in, online discussions regarding Requests For Change (RFC) or to set your Personal Interest Filters (PIFs). For example, if you are a cable manufacturer you may wish to add ‘cable’ as a PIF.

To request a log on and password, or you have any questions, please contact Richard Appleton at the EDA on 020 3141 7350.

Export from CMT

The ETIM data model can be viewed using the ETIM CMT (Classification Management Tool) which also supports a range of export formats including:

  • ETIM IXF – XML file designed specifically for the ETIM model
  • CSV File
  • Excel

The data is also available in JSON format via the ETIM API.

Further Information

Further information about the data model, CMT and BMEcat can be downloaded from the ETIM International website.

ETIM BMEcat®: the standard ETIM exchange format

BMEcat® is an international standard XML format for the exchange of product catalogue data including provision for product classification and feature sets.

ETIM International recommends ETIM BMEcat®, a subset of the basic BMCat 2005 version but with specific country and user-defined extensions, to exchange ETIM data.

ETIM BMEcat® Certification Tool

The ETIM BMEcat® Certification Tool validates XML files for conformance with ETIM BMEcat V3.1 and V4.0 standards, and the classification releases ETIM 6.0. and ETIM 7.0.

In the event of failure, the tool will provide an error listing and downloadable error report with suggested corrections that need to be made to achieve validation.

Watch the video on the BMECat®

BMECat: register before you log on for the first time

The ETIM BMEcat® certification tool can be accessed here by ETIM UK members, but we will need to register you before you can log on for the first time.

For EDA who are also Associate Members of ETIM UK please contact Richard Appleton on 020 3141 7350.

For BMF members who are also Associate Members of ETIM UK Ltd please contact David Bate on 07923 221526