ETIM continues its march into new sectors in the construction industry as UFEMAT announces its commitment to the Standard

UFEMAT is an organisation that is unfamiliar to many of us in the UK electrotechnical sector.  It is the European organisation that brings together trade associations and representative bodies in the heavy-side building materials industry. It is comparable to the EUEW (European Union of Electrical Wholesalers) or FEST (The European Federation of the Sanitary and Heating Wholesale Trade).

John Newcomb, CEO of the UK’s Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) is UFEMAT’s current President. The BMF is spearheading ETIM’s drive in the UK in the HVAC, Plumbing and Building Materials sectors.

Simon Barkes, President of ETIM International, presented at UFEMAT’s recent Annual General Assembly. As a result they have agreed to promote the use of the ETIM standard in the heavyside building materials sector across Europe.

ETIM’s origins are in the electrotechnical sector but is now making increasing strides in HVAC and Plumbing. The backing of FEST has been instrumental in this. It is in its early adopter phase in the building materials sector and it is hoped that this UFEMAT support will add impetus to its uptake.

This is great news for ETIM and its existing users as it continues to strengthen its position as the international standard for technical product data in the construction industry.  It is good news for the building materials sector too as it will help its drive to digitalise and increase efficiency at many levels of the supply chain.  It is also good news for solutions providers whose systems have ETIM capability as it opens up new markets for their products.