ETIM International Global Industry Membership is open to manufacturers, wholesalers, buying groups and contractors that are already members of at least five different national ETIM organisations.

Schneider Electric, a global leader in the digital transformation of energy and industrial automation, has joined ETIM International as a Global Industry Member. Operating in over 115 countries, Schneider Electric has a global presence and currently employs over 128,000 people worldwide.

As a Global Industry Member, Schneider Electric has direct access to and participates in the ETIM Standardisation Committee and expert groups – alongside national ETIM organisations. As such, the membership not only allows for a consistent and efficient alignment of corporate requirements, but also for optimal technical expert input of globally active companies to further develop, enhance and maintain the ETIM classification model.

Dominique Erramoun, Offer Data Governance Manager in charge of ETIM at Schneider Electric, says: “ETIM is a key standard in our business, managed at different levels in our organisation, in the countries close to our partners, and globally for data governance. This is why this global membership makes sense for us, being a great opportunity to extend our connections to the ETIM community and contribute to make ETIM even more efficient for ourselves, our partners and our end customers.”

We warmly welcome Schneider Electric to the ETIM International family.

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