ETIM International introduced the Global Industry Membership (GIM) in 2020 to reinforce the commitment of large international companies in the standard and encourage them to engage in the further development of the standard – Rexel is the latest member to join this category.

Technical Director at ETIM International, Marc Habets explained that “all members will benefit from the contributions of our Global Industry Members: they boost our collective power to move the development of the standard forward and seize the moment.”

Supporting its professional customers with sustainable and innovative solutions, Rexel develops energy management solutions while promoting responsible practices in the value chain and continually improving the social and environmental performance of its operations. The Group supports its residential, commercial and industrial customers by providing a tailored and scalable range of products and services in energy management for construction, renovation, production, and maintenance. Rexel operates through a network of over 1,900 branches in 24 countries, with more than 26,000 employees. The Group’s sales were €14.7 billion in 2021.

An active ETIM member across Europe

Rexel has been an active local member in multiple European countries for many years, including the UK. Alexia Labezin, Product Knowledge and Solutions Development Director at Rexel, commented

“We are firm believers in the strategic power of product data standardisation.

“For years now, ETIM has contributed to our mission and productivity, and we decided that the ETIM Global Industry Membership represented an excellent strategic opportunity. We consider it an investment that will take our customers, our company and the industry further. For instance, by improving its accessibility to ensure that not just technical experts are able to find what they are looking for with ETIM.

“The extensive number of identifiable product parameters, for example, represents an opportunity to support web shop searches based on a product’s function or use as well as mere technical information. The availability of rich, reliable and sustainable data enables the promotion of value-added products and solutions, but alignment and collaboration are key to truly make it happen.

“As a Global Industry Member, we have even more ways to put our expertise to use and make the ETIM model even more accessible and relevant for our customers, in addition to being beneficial to the industry as a whole.”

Importance of new exchange format

When asked what types of developments are in store for Rexel as a Global Industry Member of ETIM, Alexia adds:

“Topics concerning the new exchange format (evolution of BMECat) are of course at the top of our list as a distributor, but we are also very interested in discussions concerning new product data usages such as for BIM or carbon footprint calculations.

“Our membership not only offers us the opportunity to anticipate developments, but our presence at the source of all information will also equip us even better to contribute with suitable ideas. Moreover, as a GIM member, we will also be able to promote ETIM – among our peers as well as in a broader sense – more effectively to reach our collective goals. For the moment, however, we look forward to collaborating on the current initiatives and work in progress to see how we can bring added value.”