The work that’s been taking place as part of the ETIM-UK Standardisation Working Groups has reached a significant milestone: the first six product groups, fully translated for the UK market are now available to download as part of ETIM 7.0 from the ETIM International website.

Available to download

If you’re a manufacturer in one of these six product areas, you’ll be able to get to work in putting all your product data using the ETIM classification. You can view the translations here, remembering to change the language option to English. To download a spreadsheet of the classes that fall within the six product groups listed below (each with the relevant ETIM group codes provided), you will need log in details and these are available from David Lorrison at the EDA on 020 3141 7350 or by email.

1. Cable (ETIM group code EG000001)
2. Cable Management – Channel and Plastic Trunking (ETIM group code EG000002, EG000003, EG000004)
3. Cable Management – Tray, Rack and Conduit (ETIM group code EG000005, EG000006, EG000007, EG000008)
4. Wiring Accessories – Earthing, Surge Protection and Terminal Connection (ETIM group code EG000012; EG000021, EG000048, EG000058)
5. Luminaires, Accessories and Lighting Controls (ETIM group code EG000027, EG000029, EG000030)
6. Test and Measurement Equipment (ETIM group code EG000044)

On track for 2018

Margaret Fitzsimons, CEO at the EDA, said “This is a fantastic achievement and reflects the hard work of those manufacturers who’ve pooled their collective knowledge to translate these product groups.

Margaret Fitzsimons

“Each group contains a huge amount of data and these six groups include 537 classes, 1955 features, 2667 values and 82 units.”

The EDA-led programme of ETIM-UK Standardization Working Groups continues, with 13 product groups remaining. The target is for all 26 product groups, including some additional classes (for example Steel Trunking) to be available for the UK market by the end of 2018.