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Simon Barkes becomes the new ETIM International President in November 2020

EDA Board Member, Simon Barkes, elected ETIM International President

UK's Simon Barkes, EDA Board of Management and MD at BEMCO, will take over as the President of ETIM International in November 2020.

Marc Habets, Technical Director at ETIM International spoke at the Digital Europe conference recently

“Without product data, no digital process, no digital planning”

Why the EU needs more digital in construction: speech delivered by Marc Habets, Technical Director at ETIM International

EDA and BMF lead product data transformation in the UK

Launching ETIM UK Ltd and the expansion of the ETIM data model to 3 sectors: Electro-technical; HVAC & Sanitary; Building Materials

ETIM LinkedIn has moved and we don’t want to lose you

You may have already followed us on our showcase page, but we've upgraded to a new company page and we hope you'll join us there.