ETIM MC stands for ETIM Modelling Class.  It is an add-on to the core ETIM standard which provides a structure for the geometric product data required to render a 3D object.  Like the core ETIM EC classes, manufacturers can link each of their products to a Modelling Class which specifies the features, in this case dimensions, required.  Each MC class is linked to a set of 2D drawings which clearly define these dimensions.

When combined with a generic 3D template object, the ETIM MC data enables manufacturer-specific 3D objects to be created at a level of detail sufficient for most practical purposes.

ETIM MC offers a cost efficient way for manufacturers to create 3D digital representations of their products using data which can be managed, and kept up to date, in a standard PIM (Product Information Management) system.  It is system-agnostic, does not rely on third party hosting companies and can ensure that data used by engineers and contractors is traceable back to the manufacturer.  Furthermore it can be used in conjunction with the core ETIM technical data.

To date most of the heavy lifting for ETIM MC development has been carried out by the ETIM country organisations in the Netherlands and Germany.  However we are seeing a growing interest in the UK and would be pleased to speak with anyone who wants to learn more.  Contact us on