ETIM 8.0 released with new product classes for UK market

The latest version of ETIM, ETIM 8.0, was originally scheduled for release at the beginning of September but, due to the large number of change requests was delayed until November 2nd.  While regrettable this is indicative of the growing use of ETIM in over 20 countries.

For the first time, ETIM 8.0 will contain a number of significant additions and changes originally requested by UK.  They are summarised on the right.

Our thanks to everyone who has advised on these developments, with special mention for Donna Fellows at Legrand for her work on the steel trunking classes.

Our next priority is to create a number of product-specific working groups to look at specific aspects of the standard as used in the UK.  This will include:

  • Ongoing review, identifying areas for development or improvement, drafting requests for change, reviewing requests for change originating elsewhere.
  • Addition of UK specific product standards using the new local standards feature.
  • Creating guidelines for consistent application of ETIM, including addition of UK reference products where appropriate to the Classification Management Tool (CMT).

We would welcome applications to join these working groups.  If anyone with experience of ETIM is interested in getting involved please contact