ETIM International has announced the postponement of ETIM 8.0, previously scheduled for release on 1 September 2020, to 2 November 2020. Although regrettable, ETIM UK supports the decision since we believe that maintaining the quality and integrity of the data model is paramount.  It is too important to risk cutting corners in order to achieve the original target date.

Proof of ETIM’s rising popularity

The large number of Requests for Change (RCM) to ETIM, which are behind this delay, are evidence of the growing adoption and importance of ETIM across both Europe and North America.  Since the release of ETIM 7.0, the number of participating countries has increased significantly.  In parallel, adoption of ETIM within those counties is also accelerating, driven by the need to digitalise the sector and the requirement for ETIM in national data pools such as EDATA in the UK.

Short-term issue vs long-term gain

While this may create a short-term governance issue, this is just a side effect of ETIM becoming a truly multi-national standard which we can be confident is the right choice for the future.