Electro Technical News

Revitalising ETIM in the US, Canada and Mexico

ETIM North America Re-launches via New Association

EDA hosts first ETIM UK Digitalisation Forum

Like-minded businesses from the UK’s electro-technical and construction sectors join the inaugural ETIM UK Digitalisation Forum.

EDA and BMF lead product data transformation in the UK

Launching ETIM UK Ltd and the expansion of the ETIM data model to 3 sectors: Electro-technical; HVAC & Sanitary; Building Materials

ETIM LinkedIn has moved and we don’t want to lose you

You may have already followed us on our showcase page, but we've upgraded to a new company page and we hope you'll join us there.

Enhancing digital data and its use in the UK electrical supply chain

Catch up with the ETIM-UK Q1 Update, issued January 2019

Anglicisation Working Group progress, PIM Systems, ETIM-ready audits and more: find out what's been achieved and what's in the pipeline

Ian Smith, Marketing and Support Services Manager at Hager

Hager announces commitment to ETIM

Prioritising the needs of wholesale partners through the adoption of ETIM and BMEcat, Hager takes "massive step forward" in their data strategy