Representatives from Megger Ltd and Accutest pool their product knowledge

By mid February 2018, the EDA led ETIM-UK Standardization Working Groups have crunched their way through over 8,000 separate fields of data. From the top of the ETIM classification hierarchy to the bottom, this big number covers:

  • 25 ETIM groups
  • 793 ETIM classes
  • 2,070 attributes or features
  • 5,175 values
  • 110 units

Instrumentation & Test Equipment: Wed 13 February 2018

Simon Wood, Nick Rees and Dora Srajbek of EDA affiliated member, Megger Ltd, joined the Instrumentation & Test Equipment Working group in February, alongside Andrew Spooner representing EDA member Acutest (part of UK Test Instruments).

Simon, Megger’s European Distribution Manager, explained why creating ETIM in the UK is so important:

“With ETIM as the established wholesaler category system across many European countries already, we see it being adopted by more and more key customers.

“As a manufacturer, it makes the job far easier to have our products listed and referenced in local languages, without the need to submit the details multiple times for each region. As ETIM moves into the UK wholesaler environment, it makes absolute sense for us to be involved with ensuring the classifications meets the requirements for our customers and we are confident that we will see this being adopted by many of the national and regional companies in the coming months and years.”

Dora, Nick and Simon from Megger

The Megger team (l-r) Dora Srajbek, Marketing Support Analyst, Nick Rees. Product Support Manager, and Simon Wood, European Distribution Manager