Lead the creation of the UK standard for your products

If you are a category or product manager working for a manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler and are a member/affiliate of the EDA, this is your opportunity to take an essential role in shaping the ETIM-UK standard for your products.

Please join us on:

Date:  to be announced 

Time: 10.30am – c. 3pm (lunch will be provided)

Venue: EDA, Rotherwick House, 3 Thomas More Street, St Katharine’s and Wapping, London E1W 1YZ.  

Please register your attendance online

If you have any questions please contact David Lorrison, Head of ETIM-UK on 020 3141 7350.

Why are the Working Groups needed?

The ETIM classification system is available in many different languages and it is the responsibility of each country to tailor it into the technical language of that country.

As the ‘System English’ version, as it is often referred to, is not created by native speakers, our task is to turn this ‘System English’ into correct English for the UK market – in other words create ETIM-UK. This is the remit of the Working Groups.

What is involved?

The working group will go through the existing ETIM translations of the individual Groups, Classes, Features, Values and Units, to agree the correct technical translations for the UK market. You will also be involved in setting the key words and synonyms.

For the full list of Standardisation Working Groups.