ETIM UK Presents at Digital Construction Week 2022

ETIM UK will present “The Golden Thread: the Role of Merchants, Distributors & Wholesalers” at Digital Construction Week. See the panel live at 11.45 on 18 May 2022 at the ExCel London.

If the construction process, and hence the Golden Thread, is considered to be the chain of information that runs from Architect, via Specifier, Contractor to Client, then the materials supply chain might be viewed as a less important side branch. However the interaction between the contractor/installer and their supplier is a critical point where an incorrect product may be selected, or inappropriate product substitution made.

The panel will discuss how digitalisation within the supply chain can help avoid these problems. It will look at the problems the sector has faced in implementing digital transformation and the importance of standardised consistent data to drive the process.

Learning points:

  • Why is the involvement of the supply chain critical to the golden thread?
  • How does digitalisation by merchants and wholesalers enable accurate product selection and greater efficiencies in buying organisations?
  • Why are both structured product data and a unique product identifier critical to the process?

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