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Introducing you to ETIM

In this section we explain the background to ETIM and why the EDA is championing the classification for the UK.

Video: “Well organised data ensures success.”

This 2 minute video will help you understand the potential for ETIM-UK,  illustrating how the ETIM classification simplifies the exchange of data for manufacturers and wholesalers.

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Understanding the principles of ETIM















How ETIM started

ETIM – the European Technical Information Model – is an open standard for the classification of technical product data that removes ambiguity and ensures that all users of the product data are using the same terms to describe the same attributes and values. Use of this common Standard removes inefficiency in the supply chain and facilitates the transition to online trading.

ETIM first appeared in the Netherlands in the early 1990s and has grown across borders over the past 25 years to be used today in multiple languages in 18 countries across the world including the USA and Canada.

The Classification was initially applied to electrical installation products but soon spread to encompass heating , ventilation and plumbing and, later, general building products. It has now developed further to include a 3-D modelling version. You can read more about the technical aspects of ETIM in this section of our website.

The ETIM Standard is governed by a not for profit organisation called ETIM International.

ETIM International

Founded in 2008, ETIM International is responsible for the development, maintenance, publication and promotion of the ETIM Product Data Classification Standard. It is a partnership of national organisations with its HQ in Brussels. In accordance with its statues, ETIM International can only recognise one national ETIM organisation in each country.

Find out more about ETIM International and the other national ETIM organisations.


ETIM-UK is an initiative of the Electrical Distributors’ Association (EDA), which became the official National Member Organisation (NMO) of ETIM International in January 2017.

The Association is ideally placed to champion this initiative having served the UK’s electrical wholesale sector for over 100 years and representing around 80% of the market through its membership.  It is also supported by over 80 affiliated EDA members who are industry leading manufacturers.

Membership of ETIM-UK is automatic for EDA members and manufacturer affiliates following a decision of the EDA Board of Management in July 2017.  Members of ETIM-UK also become indirect members of ETIM International.

As the National Member Organisation in the UK, the key responsibilities of ETIM-UK are :

  • To raise awareness and understanding of the ETIM Product Classification Standard
  • To work with industry stakeholders to adapt and translate the Standard to take account of requirements of the UK market
  • To support manufacturers and suppliers who wish to adopt the Standard for their technical product data
  • To support industry stakeholders in the integration of the ETIM Standard into their e-commerce/ERP systems
  • To liaise with ETIM International for the harmonious development of the Standard
  • To liaise with UK BIM bodies to ensure that ETIM data is integrated into BIM standards and projects.
  • To promote the wider use of the ETIM Standard in the UK
  • To ensure that the latest version of the ETIM standard is circulated to members

The strategy of ETIM-UK is guided by an Advisory Board made up of volunteers from across the ETIM-UK membership. The ETIM-UK Advisory Board is headed up by the President of the EDA.

How can I get involved in ETIM?

From 1 August 2017, members and affiliated members of the EDA automatically become members of ETIM-UK.

At the EDA, your lead ETIM contacts are Margaret Fitzsimons, CEO at the EDA, and Richard Appleton, General Manager, ETIM. For further information please contact us by email or on 020 3141 7350.

EDA CEO, Margaret Fitzsimons

Margaret Fitzsimons

Richard Appleton