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High quality product data: your sales depend upon it

Leading the UK’s product data transformation that, through ETIM, helps you turn your product data into a major strategic asset.

From manufacturer, to wholesaler or merchant, to contractor customer, every touchpoint in the supply chain benefits from the highest quality product data. If customers can’t find the right product information they won’t buy.

Many manufacturers want to harness the strategic power of their data and are looking for an efficient and effective tried-and-tested solution. The good news for the UK’s Electrotechnical, HVAC & Plumbing and Building Materials sectors is that you have access to the ETIM data model and ETIM UK Ltd.

Understanding ETIM: 3 essential facts

It is an international data model (classification or structure). It is not a database.

It applies only to the technical information about any product.

It exists to help B2B customers further along the supply chain find and choose your products.

Sector Lead: EDA

Including cables, cable management, distribution equipment, wiring accessories, lighting, electric HVAC products, industrial controls & automation.

Read more about Electrotechnical.

HVAC & Plumbing
Sector Lead: BMF

Including heating equipment, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, pipe and fittings, HVAC controls, plumbing and sanitary products.

Read more about HVAC & Plumbing.

Building Materials
Sector Lead: BMF

Includes walling, flooring and roofing materials, structural steel, civil infrastructure, doors and windows, finishing and decoration products.

Read more about Building Materials.



Join us for the EDA Digitalisation Forum 2021

Date for your diary. EDA Annual Digitalisation Forum, Wednesday 1 December 2021. Further details on the speaker programme, venue and timings will be announced in due course but if you have any questions at this stage please call the EDA on 020 3141 7350.

EDA Webinar: Starting your ETIM journey – watch the video & download the presentation

If you missed our 8 July 2020 webinar you can still download the presentation – Starting your ETIM journey. This webinar explained ETIM’s role in ecommerce, how manufacturers can benefit from harnessing the strategic power of product data, plus practical guidance on how to get started.
Delegates getting their ETIM questions answered at the first ETIM Digitalisation Forum in December 2019

ETIM UK 1st Digitalisation Forum 2019 – download the presentations

If you missed the our ETIM UK Digitalisation Forum in December 2019, you can still download the presentations from the ETIM International speakers Jan Janse, Marc Habets and Frank Jaegtnes, and from Schnieder Electric Ltd’s eCommerce Director, George Brickwood.

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