Membership of ETIM-UK

Automatic membership

From 1 August 2017, both manufacturers and wholesalers who are EDA members, are also members of ETIM-UK.

As an EDA member, you can be involved in the process of tailoring the ETIM Standard for use in the UK – in effect creating ETIM-UK – as well as enjoying many other benefits of ETIM-UK membership.

The EDA is currently leading the development of  ETIM-UK through a series of product-specific ETIM-UK Working Groups made up of industry peers from all levels of the supply chain.

If you are in a technical role within your organisation, and are interested in taking a lead in creating ETIM-UK, we would like to hear from you. You’ll find more information on the Working Groups here.

Manufacturers who are members of ETIM-UK

ABB Ltd – Electrification Products Division
Aico Ltd
Ansell Lighting
Atlantic Heat
Aurora Ltd
BEG (UK) Ltd
BG Electrical Ltd (Luceco plc)
British Electric Lamps Ltd
Brother UK Ltd
British Cables Company
Carl Kammerling International Ltd
Cembre Ltd
Channel Lighting & Safety Systems
Collingwood Lighting
Copper Cable Company
Countrywide Electrical Distributors (CED) Ltd
Crompton Lamps
Deta Electrical Company Ltd
Doncaster Cables
Eaton Electric Ltd
Eland Cables Ltd
Electrium Sales Ltd (A Siemens Company)
EnviroVent Ltd
Europa Components & Equipment Plc (from 1 April 2019)
Flexicon Ltd
GDC Group Ltd
Gewiss UK Ltd
GreenBrook Electrical
Greenwood (Zehnder Group)
Hager Ltd
Hamilton Litestat
Heat Mat Ltd
Heatrae Sadia
Illuma Lighting
Integral LED
Kewtech Corporation Ltd (from 1 April 2019)
Kidde Safety Europe Ltd
Kingfisher Lighting Ltd
Kosnic Lighting Ltd
Lapp Group UK & Eire
LED Group – Robus
Legrand Electric Ltd
Lutron EA Ltd
Manrose Manufacturing Ltd
Marshall-Tufflex Ltd
Megaman (UK) Ltd
Megger Ltd
MK Electric
ML Accessories  Ltd – trading as Knightsbridge (from 1 April 2019)
NVC Lighting Ltd
Panduit Europe Ltd
Prysmian Cables & Systems Ltd
Reggiani Ltd
Schneider Electric Ltd
Scolmore Group
Signify (Philips Lighting)
SLV Lighting UK (from 1 April 2019)
Specialised Wiring Accessories Ltd
Sylvania Lighting UK
Termination Technology Ltd
Thorn Lighting – member of Zumtobel Group Lighting (UK) Ltd
Timeguard Ltd
Trench Ltd
Triton Showers
Tungsram Lighting
Unitrunk Cable Management
Venture Lighting Europe Ltd
Zip Water UK

Wholesalers who are members of ETIM-UK

3 Line Electrical Wholesale
7 Core Electrical Wholesale Ltd
A&A Electrical Distributors Ltd
A.N. Supplies Ltd
AA Jones Electric Ltd (Jones Electrical)
ABBS Electrical Wholesale Ltd
ABCO Electrical Distributors Ltd
ABM Electrical Wholesale Ltd
Accord Electrical Wholesale Ltd
Acorn Electrical Supplies
Acute Sales (part of UK Test Instruments)
Addlestone Electrical Wholesalers Ltd
ADR Fastlec
AIB Electrical Wholesale (Glasgow) Ltd
Aitken Electrics Ltd
Albion Electric Stores Ltd
Alert Electrical Wholesalers
Allen Bros. (Electrical Factors) Ltd
Amble Electrical Distributors Ltd
Amlee Electrical Supplies
AMP Electrical Supplies Ltd
Ark Electrical Services Ltd
Ashley Electrical Wholesalers Ltd
AT&T (GB) Ltd
B Danby & Co Ltd
B.C.S. Electrical Ltd
Beacon Electrical (N.E). Ltd
BED (Corby) Ltd
BED Electrical Distributors Ltd
BEW Electrical Distributors Ltd
Big On Electricals
BM Electrical Wholesale
Bondgate Electrical Distribution Ltd
Bonus Electrical Ltd
BPX Electro Mechanical Co. Ltd
Brookmans Electrical Wholesalers
Brown’s Wholesale Ltd (from 1 May 2019)
CC Electrical Supplies Ltd (from 1 May 2019)
C & K Supplies (UK) Ltd
C & W Berry Ltd
Cable & Accessories (NI) Ltd
Capital Electric Wholesale Ltd
Capital Electrical Wholesalers Ltd
CBR Electrical Supplies
CDR Electrical Wholesalers Ltd
Central Electrical Supplies Ltd
Century Electrical Wholesale Ltd
CEP (Carlisle) Ltd
CH Electrical Wholesale Ltd
Cherwell Electrical Supplies Ltd (from 1 May 2019)
Chingford Electrical Supplies
Circuit Supply Ltd
City Electrical Factors Ltd
CLW Electrical Distributors Ltd
Connect Electrical Wholesale Ltd
Contact Electrical Distributors (Isleworth)
Contact Electrical Wholesale Ltd (Birmingham)
County Electrical Wholesale Ltd
Crossfold Electrical Wholesalers Ltd
CRS Electrical Supplies Ltd
CSS Electrical Distributors Ltd
Current Force Electrics Ltd
D & S Electrical Distributors Ltd
D.T. Electrical Supplies (HH) Ltd
David Harrison & Sons Ltd
Dean Electrical Wholesale
Denmans Electrical Wholesalers
Devondale Electrical Distributors Ltd
Direct Electrical Wholesalers (UK) Ltd
Dynamic Electric Co. Ltd
E.D.S. Electrical
Edmundson Electrical Ltd
Edwardes Bros (Dulwich) Ltd
ElectraCentre Distribution Ltd
Electric Center
Electric Light CO (S-O-T) Ltd
Electrical & Contractors Supplies
Electrical Lighting Supplies Ltd
Electrical Network (Scarborough) Ltd
Electrical Plumbing Supplies (Harrogate) Ltd
Electrical Supplies (Thames Ditton) Ltd
Electrical Trade Supplies
Electrical Wholesale Supplies (Guildford) Ltd
Ellwood Electrical Wholesalers Ltd
Energy Electrical Distributors
Enfield Electrical Supplies Ltd
ERF Electrical Wholesalers Ltd
Essex Electrical Supplies
ETC Electrical Supplies
Expert Electrical Supplies Ltd
Eyre & Elliston Holdings Ltd
Fegime UK
GDA Electrical Wholesaler Ltd
G & R Electrical Wholesalers
G-Lec Electrical Ltd
Gardner & Scardifield (Electrical) Ltd
Gen-Lec Ltd
Gibbs & Dandy Plc
Gil-Lec Ltd
Giltbrook Electrical Distributors Ltd
GO Electrical Wholesale
Goliath Electrical Supplies Ltd
GPS Electrical Wholesale
Grant & Stone Ltd
Greenwood Lighting Ltd
Group B Wholesale Ltd
Gurney & White Ltd
H. Lilley & Co Ltd
Harbro Electrical Wholesale
Hatton Electrical Wholesale Ltd
Hedley & Ellis Ltd
Herts Electrical Wholesale Ltd
Holland House Electrical Co Ltd
Horton Electrical Wholesale Ltd
IBA (Independent Buyers Association)
IDSL Supplies Ltd
Independent Electrical Wholesalers Ltd
J.A.M. Electrical Supplies Ltd (t/a Olympic Electrical Supplies)
JG Harrison & Sons Ltd
John Cribb & Sons Ltd
Juice Electrical Supplies Ltd
KB Electrical Supplies
Kent Electrical Supplies Ltd
KEW Electrical Distributors Ltd
KNK Electrical Plc
L & R Electrical Supplies Ltd
L H Evans Ltd
Lamp Post Electrical Supplies Ltd (The)
Lamps – Lighting and Mains Power Solutions
Lancashire Electrical Distributors Ltd
LED Electrical Ltd
Leeds Electrical Distribution Ltd
Leicester Electrical Dist. Ltd
LH Electrical Ltd
LEW Electrical Wholesalers Ltd
Links Electrical Supplies Ltd
Lloyd & Jones
Lockwell Electrical
London & Kent Electrical Ltd
Mac Electrical Wholesale Ltd
M & D Electrical Distributors
M.D.E. Electrical Supplies
M.H. Electrical Distributors
Mabey Electrical Supplies Ltd
Mac Electrical Wholesale Ltd
Mains Electrical Dist. Ltd
Medlock Electrical Distributors
Midshires Electrical & Lighting Ltd
Mike’s Electrical Supplies Ltd
Moss Electrical Co Ltd
Mr Ohms LTD (Southport)
National Electrical Wholesale
NE Electrical Wholesalers Ltd
NEW Electrical Distributors Ltd
Northern & Central Electrical
Oldfield Electrical Supplies Ltd
Ormrod Electric Ltd
P. & M. Electrical Wholesale Ltd
P.W. Sales
Park Electrical Distributors Ltd
Parker Merchanting
Parr Electrical (Liverpool) Ltd
Peak Electrical Supplies Ltd
Peco Electrics
Phase Electrical Distributors Ltd
Pinnacle Electrical Supplies Ltd
Power Wholesale Ltd
Powersaver Electrical Distributors Ltd
Premier Electrical Ltd
Premier Electrical Wholesalers (Stoke-On-Trent) Ltd
Prime Electrical Wholesalers Ltd
QVS Electrical Wholesalers
R & B Star (Electrical Wholesalers) Ltd
R & M Distribution Ltd
R & M Electrical Group Ltd
R.S. Electrical Supplies
Ralco Electrical Supplies
Rapid Electrical Distributors Ltd
Rayton Electrical Wholesale Ltd
Recon Electrical Ltd
Red Electrical Distributors Ltd
Regent Electrical Distributors
Reward Electrical Distributors Ltd
Rexel UK Ltd
Rifina Co Ltd
Riverbank Electrical Wholesalers Ltd
Round Electrical Distribution Ltd
Ryness Electrical Supplies Ltd
S.M. Electrical Supplies (Edinburgh) Ltd
S.M. Electrical Supplies (Kirkcaldy) Ltd
Sarnia Electrical Supplies Ltd
Shropshire Electrical Supplies
Smart Merchants Ltd
Specialised Lighting Company Ltd trading as Whitefield Electrical (from 1 May 2019)
Specialist Instrument Services (part of UK Test Instruments)
Spring Electrical Ltd
SRM Electrical Ltd
Stearn Electric Co Ltd
Strike Electrical Distributors Ltd
Swanson Mackay & Co. Ltd
T N Robinson Ltd
Team Electrical Supplies Ltd
TEC Supplies Group Ltd
Templegate Electrical Supplies Ltd
The Electrical Network Ltd
TLC Electrical Distributors Ltd
Total Electrical Distributors
Trafford Electrical Wholesalers
UK Cables Ltd
UK Electric Ltd
UK Electrical Wholesale (Braintree) Ltd
UK Electrical Wholesale (Chelmsford) Ltd
Unilec Supplies
Universal Electrical Supplies Ltd
Upex Electrical Distributors (Durham) Ltd
Upex Electrical Distributors (Yorkshire) Ltd
Ventilation, Mechanical and Electrical Distributors Ltd (VME)
W Kingsbury Ltd
Warrington Electrical Supplies Ltd
Warvill Wholesale Supplies Ltd
Warwick Electrical Wholesalers Ltd
Wavertree Electrical Supplies Ltd
WEB (M&E) Products Ltd
Wellhead Electrical Supplies
Westminster Electrical Wholesale
WF Senate
Wharfside Electrical Wholesalers
Wholesale Electrical Factors (Oldham) Ltd
Wholesale Electrics (Jersey) Ltd
Widnes Electrical Supplies Ltd
Wilson Electrical Distributors Ltd
Wilts Electrical Wholesalers
Worcester Electrical Distributors Ltd
Worthington & Jones Ltd
Wydels Ltd
ZLT Electrical Ltd